Titre : Developments in the science and technology of composite materials : ECCM6 : 6th European Conference on Composite Materials, September 20-24, 1993, Bordeaux-France

Anthony Roland Bunsell (1945-....). Editeur scientifique
Anthony Kelly (1929-....). Editeur scientifique
Albert Massiah (1946-....). Editeur scientifique
Congrès européen sur les matériaux composites : 06 ; 1993 ; Bordeaux
European association for composite materials
Abington Cambridge Bordeaux
Woodhead publ impr. La Nef
1 vol. (xix-715 p.) : ill. ; 23 cm

xx Composites

Fabrication technologies and modelling of processes. Fibres, matrix, interface. Design and numerical modelling. Fibre structures. Mechanical properties. Ageing and damage tolerance. Modelling. Applications. Advanced composites. Fabrication technologies, process modelling, non destructive testing. Design and numerical modelling. Machining, bonding and repair. Physical (non-mechanical properties)


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