Titre : Catastrophe Insurance : Consumer Demand, Markets and Regulation

New York
Kluwer Academic Publishers
IX-147 p. ; 24 cm
(Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy ; 45)

xx Assurance

Table of contents - Chapter 1 : Introduction. 1. The Problem of Catastrophe Risk. 2. Overview of Study. 3. Summary of Findings. Chapter 2 : An Overview of Catastrophe Insurance Markets. 1. Characteristics of Residential Property Insurance. 2. Challenges to Insuring Catastrophe Risk. 3. Market Structure. 4. Market Conduct and Performance. Chapter 3 Regulatory Institutions and Policies. 1. The Framework for Insurance Regulation. 2.Key Regulatory Policies Affecting Catastrophe Insurance. 3. Regulation in Florida. 4. Regulation in New York. Chapter 4 Supply, Demand and Regulation of Catastrophe Insurance. 1. The Supply of Catastrophe Insurance. 2. The Structure of Demand for Homeowners Insurance. 3. Summary. Chapter 5 Demand Estimation for Homeowners Insurance Policies. 1. Estimation of Quantity Demanded. 2. Florida Results. 3. New York. 4. Guaranty Funds. 5. Summary. Chapter 6 Summary and Conclusions. Appendix A Structure-Conduct-Performance Framework. Appendix B Introduction to Catastrophe Modeling


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