Titre : Python and XML

Christopher A. Jones (19..-....)
Jr Fred L. Drake. Auteur
Sebastopol (Calif.)
cop. 2002
XVI-360 p. : ill., couv. ill. ; 24 cm

xx Python (langage de programmation)
xx XML (langage de balisage)

Table of Contents : Preface. 1. Python and XML. 2. XML Fundamentals. 3. The Simple API for XML. 4. The Document Object Model. 5. Querying XML with Xpath. 6. Transforming XML with XSLT. 7. XML Validation and Dialects. 8. Python Internet APIs. 9. Python, Web Services, and SOAP. 10. Python and Distributed Systems Design. A. Installing Python and XML Tools. B. XML Definitions. C. Python SAX API. D. Python DOM API. E. Working with MSXML3.0. F. Additional Python XML Tools


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