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1. Congrès 3D fluid flow behavior in porous media characterized by geostatistical methods / D. Guérillot, P. Lemouzy, A. Galli, and C. RavennePublication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1990Description : 8 p. : Ill. ; 30 CMAvailability: Copies available for reference: Bib. Paris[D-2551] (1).
2. Articles A 3D integrated structure for computer aided reservoir characterization / {Guerillot dominique, Beucher hélène, Touffait yves}Publication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1990Description : p. 171-180Availability: Copies available for reference: Géostatistique[D-2484] (1).
3. Articles An integrated approach for evaluation of production scenarios / {Lemouzy pierre m., Beucher hélène, Eschard rémi}Publication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1991Description : p. 209-219Availability: Copies available for reference: Géostatistique[D-2526] (1).
4. Articles BLUEPACK-3D and its use in the petroleum industry [[Texte imprimé]] / {Renard didier}Publication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1990Description : p. 197-204Availability: Copies available for reference: Géostatistique[D-2474] (1).
5. Articles Random genetic simulation of the internal geometry of deltaic sandstone bodies [[Texte imprimé]] / {Hu lin ying, Dubrule olivier, Joseph philippe}Publication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1992Description : p. 535-544Availability: Copies available for reference: Géostatistique[D-2549] (1).
6. Articles Recent developments in the description of sedimentary bodies in a fluvio deltaic reservoir and their 3D conditional simulations [[Texte imprimé]] / {Beucher hélène, Ravenne christian}Publication :Fontainebleau : ENSMP, 1988Description : p. 463-476Availability: Copies available for reference: Géostatistique[ppr. N-37/88/G] (2).

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