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1. Articles / {S. Laugier}Bubble curves and saturated liquid molar volumes for chlorofluorohydrocarbon-hydrocarbon mixtures : Experimental data and modelling [ [Texte imprimé]]Publication :ENSMP, 1994Description : : Ill.Availability: Copies available for reference: Bib. Paris[Extr. de EMP 91102] (1).
2. Articles VAPOR-LIQUID EQUILIBRIA OF THE HYDROGEN-2,2,4-TRIMETHYLPENTANE AND HYDROGEN-TOLUENE SYSTEMS AT HIGH PRESSURES AND HIGH TEMPERATURES. / {S. Laugier, D. Richon, H. Renon}Publication :American Chemical Society, WASHINGTON/DC, 1980Availability: Copies available for loan: Bib. Paris[EMP 133.088 CCL.5280] (1).

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