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1. Articles Analytical TEM study of the oxidation of nickel based superalloys / Régine Molins and Eric Andrieu [ [Texte imprimé]]Publication :ENSMP, 1993Description : p. 469-475Availability: Copies available for loan: Bib. Paris[EMP 142.338 CCL. 5585] (1).
2. Articles EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENT AND MICROSTRUCTURE ON THE HIGH TEMPERATURE BEHAVIOR OF ALLOY 718. / {E. Andrieu, A. Pineau, R. Cozar} [ [Texte imprimé]]Publication :Santa Fe : Minerals, metals and materials society, 1989Availability: Copies available for reference: Bib. Evry[Extr. de EMC 3012] (1).
3. Articles Influence of compositional modifications on thermal stability of alloy 718 [ [Texte imprimé]] / E. Andrieu, Ning Wang, R. Molins, A. PineauPublication :ENSMP, 1994Description : P. 695-710Availability: Copies available for loan: Bib. Paris[EMP 142.714 CCL.5599] (1).
4. Articles Overaging, deformation and rupture micromechanisms of alloy 718 in relation to notch creep rupture strength [ [Texte imprimé]] / R. Molins, E. Andrieu, A. PineauPublication :ENSMP, 1991Description : P. 589-602Availability: Copies available for loan: Bib. Paris[EMP 140.590 CCL.5525] (1).
5. Articles TEM investigation of the oxidation of nickel-based superalloys and Ni-Cr alloys [ [Texte imprimé]] / Régine Molins and Eric AndrieuPublication :ENSMP, 1993Description : P. 162-171 : Ill.Availability: Copies available for loan: Bib. Paris[EMP 142.362 CCL. 5585] (1).

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