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200 1 _aMaterials and technology
_ea systematic encyclopedia of the technology of materials used in industry and commerce, including foodstuffs and fuels
_fEditorial board L. W. Codd, K. Dijkoff, C. J. Van Oss, H. G. Roebersen [et al.]
_iNon metallics ores, silicate industries and solid mineral fuels
_fT. J. W. Van Thoor, S. Marks, G. Spence,. S. H. Manning,... [et al.]
210 _aLondon
_cJ. H. de Bussy
215 _a1 vol. (XXVIII-828 p.)
_cphotogr., fig., graph., tabl.
_d25 cm
461 _tMaterials and technology
610 _aTechnologie industrielle
610 _aTechnologie matériau
610 _aSubstance non métallique
610 _aTraitement minerai
610 _aMinéral silicate
610 _aCarburant
909 _aMONO